Membership Transfer Request

We are pleased that you have chosen to join our fellowship at New Haven.

Please note the following: From the time your transfer request is received to the time when your membership is voted upon at New Haven may cover a period of several weeks; and, often much longer - particularly if your current membership is in another country. The transfer process starts with a notification to your home church, which is followed by: approval by the Church Board; a first reading; and, second reading so the congregation may approve. Then, a notification is sent back to New Haven that the transfer has been granted. Next, we follow the same steps (Church Board approval, first reading, and second reading so the congregation may approve).

If family members have membership at more than one church, please complete a separate form for each family member. Example: A couple is recently married and each one has membership in a different church.

If you experience any difficulties using the form, you may e-mail the information to:


Please list below the immediate family members currently residing with you.